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Networking and Firewall

Networking and Firewall solution in Dubai

We provide Networking and Firewall solution in Dubai and UAE region.

Networking Solutions

Networking solutions are a component not under the IT support staff. Networking solutions aid in dealing with advanced technical solutions. There is the creation of customer-specific network infrastructure and their maintenance. The networks that are enabled in a firm today have more complexity and bandwidth but also are highly reliable. FSI steps in here to provide future-proof networking solutions to deal with the expectations in terms of resilience, security, manageability, robustness, network visibility and economically. Our future-proof networking solutions optimize the pre-dominant networking infrastructure. Our networking solution in Dubai is quite wide in many spectrums globally. We enable data of perfect networking infrastructure for all your new and ongoing projects.

The networking solutions provided by FSI are designed to cope with the challenges and current modern business misgivings. Other than developing robust network infrastructure for your business we also provide assistance with specific product supply and sourcing. Business agility and innovation are our core aims for any enterprise; hence we develop networking solution of that high a stature.


Network Switching

They are the foundation for all business data network interactions from data, video, voice, conferencing and IP CCTV to the wireless network. We provide a multi-port bridge that processes and routes data on the several memory layers of the system. It can get any message from any unit connected to it, and then transmit it to the component it had to share it with. We provide smart switches that have a limited set of management features which include VLANs, web interface and CLI. They are more expensive and better for networks with large connections. For affordability reasons web-managed” switch ha similar functions to that of an enterprise switch. We deal with D-link, Cisco, Aruba, Alcatel Switches. We provide amazing switch installation in Dubai.

Wired networking solutions

We help in creating a wired network structure and also create a secure effective base. FSI also yields tailored structured cabling strategies along with the capability to expand, upgrade as well as reconfigure your network for the future organizational requirement. Our solutions deliver proper data, quality, and distinction. Our structured series provides cabling solutions, designed to fulfill technological demands in an affordable manner.

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We create IT networking solutions including Lan, Wan, Internet and for the intranet. All businesses of today must have IP Telephone, IP CCTV, Wireless Media, Video recording and conference. All of this happens under our seamless networking services. We share a design that delivers intensified answers for any type of enterprise network criteria. Our solutions range for businesses from small to medium to large companies.

We pride ourselves on creating solutions for routing, switching local/wide area, voice networking, Wireless networking, and LAN/WAN system. Handling technologies such as VOIP and VPNs to help access an enterprises’ network. We are a leading provider of  Networking and Firewall solution in Dubai.

Firewall solutions in Dubai

A firewall is a network device that scans incoming and outgoing traffic over the network and takes measure to block malware, spams, viruses, spyware and the likes. It helps in warding off malicious attacks. There are ways through which all of the enterprises’ systems can be hacked and information sensitive or important can be stolen. If there is a need for data network solution here in Dubai, FSI is the front-runner.

Here’s why a firewall is needed for office space:

Agile Data protection
Maintain a high level of integrity
Eliminate financial loss
Reduce investor confidence
Keep productivity levels under wrap

Hence a reliable firewall is needed to protect a business. Firewall is not only needed for a small office but it can be extended to branch offices as well. Based on the risks within a network environment, it is important to devise a strong data protection mechanism with a firewall.

We at FSI can help in firewall configuration in Dubai along with router installation in Dubai. It is not only for our Dubai clients, but we also do installations globally as well. All you need to do is ask! We recommend brands like SonicWall and Fortinet amongst other well-established firewalls for offices in Dubai.

Our advanced firewall can fend off the following: Our advanced firewall can fend off the following:

Simplify network security

Control web surfing

Identify & eliminate bot hosts

Utilize bandwidth effectively

Web content filter

Prevent unknown threats

Control applications

Block unknown targets

Track traffic monitoring

Other than these services we offer the following types of firewall:

  • Proxy firewall: Operates at the application layer of the firewall. It prevents direct connections between either side of the firewall and both sides are forced to end the session.


  • Application layer firewall: They can examine the data in the packet and have the ability to block specific content such as the malware.


  • Packet filtering firewall: It includes the security rules which can block the data flow based on IP protocol and IP address.


  • Stateful firewall: This keeps track of the active connections. Only allowed packets of information are allowed to establish a connection.

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With such a varied level of firewalls and benefits, FSI is the best solution for your organization to gain data protection.

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