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IP PABX System

Best IP PABX in Dubai

IP PABX is the best medium to Communicate in organisation. FSI provides the best IP PABX in Dubai. We also offer PABX installation in Dubai & PBX Service in Dubai. Internally or externally communication is required to complete a task in a business.

While business is always keen to gain new business, it is the internal communication among the employees which gets the major work done. FSI is Best PBX supplier in Dubai because it gives best IP PBX Phone solutions

We are the leading  IP PBX supplier in Dubai.We provide PBX/PABX installation in Dubai and UAE region. To make an effortless communication among the employees,PABX & IP phones are required.

Choose us as your PBX supplier in Dubai to make a effective communication possible at a low rate. Avoid errors and maladies in the process and make your business a success.

So, how does the enterprise make sure that the work happens smoothly? Well, surprise it is IP PABX systems and we are the best pbx supplier in Dubai.

  • We at FSI provide PABX installation in Dubai to companies to regulate their internal communication well. It may seem very small an act, but it does solve umpteen numbers of issues by having a flawless communication device in the office.

IP PBX telephone system

Avaya ip0ffice500

Avaya PBX

IP PBX (Sometime refereed as PABX) is an office telephone system which will be connected with Extensions for internal communication and through public service provider line to the Public Switched Telephone Network or service provider lines.

PBX systems are available in various brands and different classes. IP PBX system works with network connectivity and provides communication by using the TCP/IP network.

It certainly acts as a central switching system for phone calls in an emerging business. It uses your network infrastructure for connecting the phones to the central unit and uses the same network for systems and IP PBX systems.

This, in turn, leads to fewer expenses.Instead of using separate expensive public lines, use small pools of lines through hassle-free communication.

Telecommunication is the main component of a small or medium business. The office pbx for small business ensures effective and low cost communication. FSI always caters to the needs of the unique business and accordingly we provides PABX solutions ,we also offer PABX installation in Dubai at the lowest price.

We ensure that all of our consumers gain the right pbx system for small business & medium business .

PBX for Small Business

FSI provides PBX for small business as per their requirement. It is good to know the capabilities of modern-day business IP PBX phone systems, which extend far beyond the classic key-systems of the past.

While small business IT budget is limited, in today’s work environment it is possible to get customized and modern voice at very cost effective price. Spending least amount for communication will be the aim without compromising effective communication between the employees and with the customers.

IP PBX Phone systems resolves these challenges. Knowing that it is possible to make more out of every interaction with the customer with our pbx for small business or medium business.

It makes sure the employees are able to provide the best service with the least waste of time.

PABX installation in Dubai

Many small businesses with even two or three people, answering the phone for service or sales now setup IP PBX Phones as a small call center. It helps with professional management of call flow and real time monitoring.

The business owner gets the visibility to take the right decisions based on data. FSI not only supplies IP PBX Phone system but also PABX installation in Dubai & other Emirates.

IP PABX in Dubai

IP PABX in Dubai

IP PBX Features

  • – Smart queue management
  • – Priority VIP customers
  • – Dynamic agents
  • – Reporting tools
  • – Smart multi-layer IVR (auto-attendant)
  • – Voicemail
  • – Caller ID and Automatic call forwarding

IP PBX Benefits

Reduced investment in Initial Setup

The initial setup and ongoing costs are generally less for IP PBX phones than a more traditional phone system. These works on internet connection, there is no need for a traditional phone line. This means that you only need to deal with one account, one bill, for both internet and phone.

Reduced Power consumption

Eliminates wiring issues and high voltage (48V) for Analog phone functionality. IP PBX Phones usually with 5V to 12V power based on IP Phone specification. It reduces the power bills.

Reduced & Flexible Network Cabling

Same cable for both data and voice to function internet in PC and in Phones. It eliminates separate cables for voice and data (internet). A better and advanced way of communication. Isn’t it best to go with advanced technology like IP PABX in Dubai.

FSI provides IP PABX in Dubai and offers PBX/ PABX installation in Dubai.

Easy Maintenance & Management

Lower Space consumption makes it easy to manage. IP PBX are rack mount 1U or 2U servers when compared to big wall mount type of boxes used to ePABX.

High Quality of Service on calls

 A telephone system in place allows workers to transfer calls to one another, and that ability alone can make the business run more smoothly.

For inter office calling, you have to set up your VPN network or Internet; you can easily save money on interoffice long distance calling by bridging your voice network to your data network with VoIP Gateway.

These all point makes Office PBX for small business becomes a mandatory asset for effective and low cost communication.

IP PABX in Dubai

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we provide pbx for small business. There are several other business benefits we share with our PABX/ PBX -IP telephone solutions based on our comprehensive solutions.

IP PABX in Dubai has features like voice call, call recording, voicemail to email, IVR, call queue, conference call bridge.Advance features like remote office connectivity, telephone with CRM integration.and mobile users to help the consumers never miss out on a call.handle better with lower headcount and increase business productivity.

Contact Us for supply for IP PABX in Dubai, PABX installation in dubai .PBX Service in Dubai and request a consultancy with us today!We are the best pbx supplier in Dubai

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IP PABX System

IP PABX System

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