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Technical Support Desk

Technical Support Desk

Our UAE based technical help desk provides essential support services including 24X7 technical
assistance, powerful proactive support resources, and product updates. With global coverage
and committed development engineers and customer support specialists, FSI delivers the right
kind of technical support staff to help you get to the more important facets of professional and
personal lives. With our extended and established technical support and annual maintenance
contract for IT services in Dubai we go beyond the existing norm along with 24X7 coverage.

Benefits with FSI’s technical support desk for your business

  • Well-structured tech support system
  • Effortless customer support across multiple channels
  • Up-to-date technical knowledge
  • Accurate records keeping
  • flexible pricing model

Collaborate and help customers more quickly with FSI

Employ FSI’s technical support desk to generate business gains for your enterprise.

Helpdesk support

There are times where a quick phone call to an experienced technical expert is all that is needed to get you working again, or at other times you may need onsite support.  Because each business is unique and each technical issue is different we offer a flexible range of Technical and Helpdesk Support options to ensure you have the most effective level of support for your I.T. systems when you need it.

Phone Technical Support

Call us when you need us!  All of our technical experts carry mobile phones.  Simply call the FSI technical help desk office on xxxxx and the first available consultant will get back to you in a timely manner.

Remote Technical Support

There are times when you need help but you or your team may not have the time or expertise to implement technical solutions over the phone.  With the use of Remote access Tools, we can remotely and securely access your PC, laptop or network server to resolve technical issues without attending site.  This enables us to be responsive and get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

Core Features of FSI’s Technical Support Desk in Dubai

Best in-line benefits of FSI’s technical support desk in Dubai for your business:

Customer Satisfaction:

Our dedicated IT support team go beyond the service miles to provide world-class technical support to offer a satisfactory service as they represent your business at that moment.

Quality Improvement:

The technical support desk always is the first in-line to deal with complaints, suggestions, concerns, and queries. Once they report these issues are then escalated and reviewed. Upon reviewing the bugs are fixed by the improvement team. The help desk functions as a constant feedback session and can help modernize and upgrade the product in question. The technical team at FSI is not only concerned with settling the issue, but they are also trained to maintain a track of all the complaints and their recurrence for quality improvement purposes.

Productivity Improvement:

Additionally, after acting as a constant feedback mechanism the technical support also helps in the tasks of complaint administration and resolution. Certain procedures such as complaint ticketing and tagging system are used to effectively manage and direct complaints to the respective departments. This leads to clarity and lessens the turnaround time for resolution, hence aiding in operational success and productivity.


The process of technical support is only worth if it saves the enterprise a bucket load of money. Administering and running a technical help desk in Dubai demands in extra human resources, software, systems and can lead to increased costs. While partnering with FSI these costs are diminished with a guarantee of growth in productivity, customer satisfaction, and better product quality. Moreover, by employing a technical support desk in Dubai, your business acts as a constant feedback mechanism and saves the untoward cost of conducting post and pre-products reviews thus reducing costs overall for a business

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