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IP Telephones

IP Phone in Dubai

Communication is the way of the world. We at FSI Provide IP Phone in Dubai. Without the dissemination of information, it is very difficult to run an enterprise. The whole ground of your business and its dealing is based on the transmission of information in a two and fro way. If there is no two-way communication then sales will never be a factor in an enterprise’s running. Expertise in communication and providing world-class communication service is what FSI is attuned to. It is due to our in-depth knowledge in this industry that we are key phone suppliers in Dubai. We have a global outreach in terms of the IP telephone service providers.

We keenly focus on business and professional telecommunication and systems integration in our core functioning as one of the major phone suppliers in Dubai. Our primary think tank is highly renowned industry experts and is certified in this field. Hence they cater to the maximum clientele in this field. FSI is industry certified in Avaya, Cisco and Microsoft. Since we at FSI are a very passionate class of service providers we swear by the industry standards and provide the best there is in terms of IP telephones.

Rewards of IP Phone over traditional phones

Quipping your business with a IP phone system rather than a multitude of single-line phones can improve office communication and increase productivity. However, they can be confusing, especially in the beginning. The process, as well as the phone itself is often far different from what you may be currently use. Although the provider, phone type and features, and the size of the system make each phone system different, basic “inner workings” share common characteristics and can give you a good starting point for better understanding an office phone system you are considering or are already using. FSI gives free training for your staff to understand features of IP Telephones and to operate IP telephones

Sharing of Resources

One of the most important advantages is that all of the workers in the office will be able to share the same voice resources. A telephone system in place allows workers to transfer calls to one another, and as a result it can make the business run more smoothly. Just imagine how time-consuming it is to have a worker from one part of the office go to another desk to answer a simple phone call vs. the ease of transferring a call directly to the person who can answer the question or solve the problem.


As a business owner, communication costs are probably a big part of your budget. Moving away from individual phones and phone numbers, and toward an integrated telephone system can trim your costs and simplify the processing of monthly telephone invoices. Installing a telephone system will also make it easier to review your monthly charges and identify any problematical calling patterns, such as an employee making unauthorized personal calls on company time.

Easy Extension

Once the telephone system is in place, it will be relatively easy to scale it up as your company grows. Starting with a small dedicated IP phone system that fits your needs is a good way to control costs during the critical start-up phase. Then as your business grows you can move to a larger system that can accommodate additional employees and newer features. Isn’t it interesting?

Advanced Features

It gain you access to keep track of important meetings and clients. Most modern telephone systems include features that include voicemail, caller ID and automatic call forwarding. Those features can be very valuable to the small or medium business. It allows to forward an office phone to a cell phone or pager can be especially valuable for busy salespeople

Avaya IP Telephone

Avaya Telephone System is ideal for any work area that can be table-mounted or wall-mounted. It provides high-quality audio from both…

Cisco IP Phone

Cisco Phone provides basic Voice communications with two-line programmable keys. It supports flexible deployment options like Cisco-on…

D-Link IP Telephone

Yealink IP Phone

FSI is the best solution for IP phones in Dubai,now let us help you with features of IP telephones :

– The IP phones allow the employees to have a versatile communication system without any glitches.

– The advanced features give rise to better business ways.

-With the added advantage of voice and data systems.

– IP phones give you the opportunity to connect with remote employees.

– It can help you save tons on business calls since a lot of information passing happens on the internet.

– IP phones from FSI have the added ease of being amalgamated into other applications.

The IP phones provided by FSI offer standard enterprise grade IP telephone for business with exceptional features and flexibility. The VoIP phones are manufactured to allow effortless conversations with HD voice renditions and easy operation with a cost-effective edge. The setup system with us is very simple and it can be seamlessly blended into the office phone system. We have a variety of models as we are excellent phone suppliers here in Dubai. Additionally, the VoIP phones in Dubai provided by us have changed the method of how calls are being distributed and processed. Based on its several advantages, the IP telephone establishment is worth spending upon.

Gain a simplified communication system for the entire enterprise. Also, help your employees stay productive and enjoy great access to voice and data communication with affordable and reliable IP telephones from us. Get rich and quality audio to connect with employees and customers alike and support to enrich productivity and encryption for increased security of the enterprise’s business.

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It is our professional interest and deep knowledge in this industry due to which we stand tall and are proud providers of excellent VoIP Phones in Dubai. So, if you want your business to soar high and want the telephones to keep ringing off the hook in terms of leads, then get in touch with us!

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